UmbrellaUmbrella 019: Motive male Spanish ibex. Rosette male Spanish ibex head.Umbrella 020: Reason boar with holly leaves. Rosette deer bawling.Umbrella 022: Reason for trout angling and fly rat tail. Rosette head trout.Umbrella 023: Reason two wolves. Rosette deer head.Umbrella 024: Reason hunter lancing boar with dogs. Rosette boar's head. Tip dog's head.Umbrella 025: On one side dachshund dog motif with holly leaves and on the other side wolf motif. Rosette deer head. Tip dog's head.Umbrella 026: Reason holly leaves. Rosette deer head.Umbrella 027: For one reason ibex and face the other side pr eating ibex mountain motif. Rosette eagle head.Umbrella 028: Reason two chamois in heat. Rosette chamois head.Umbrella 029: Reason deer head screaming with oak leaves in Rosette with silver plate to record entwined initials.Umbrella 030: Reason scholarship in forest. Rosette dog's head. tip of a dog's head.Umbrella 031: Reason pony car hooked. Rosette horse head. horse head tip.Umbrella 032: Reason racehorse with jockey. Rosette horse head . Horse head tip.Umbrella 033: Reason flowering plant. Rosette eagle head. Eagle head tip.